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BC Knowledge Development Fund-supported projects at SFU


  • $11.85 million BCKDF contribution.
  • This proposal pertains to replacing aging supercomputing systems with a consolidated set of new systems specifically designed to meet Canadian and British Columbian research needs.
  • A technological refresh will enable B.C. researchers to pursue leading-edge big data research across a wide range of disciplines.

Silicon Quantum Information Laboratory

  • $410,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This proposal pertains to the research and development of quantum information technologies.
  • These technologies will have a  transformative global impact across countless industrial and research areas.


  • $1.025 million BCKDF contribution.
  • This proposal pertains to GlycoScreen: The Alberta-BC Glycan Screening Centre, which combines expertise from SFU, the University of Victoria, and the University of Alberta.
  • Research goals include assembling a complementary suite of facilities for molecular characterization and library screening.

GRIFFIN compton and background suppression shields

  • $500,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This proposal is part of a larger national project lead by the University of Guelph and represents the second phase and completion of the Gamma-Ray Infrastrastructure for Fundamental Investigations in Nuclei (GRIFFIN), a state of the art, high-efficiency gamma ray spectrometer used to study atomic nuclei.
  • Research infrastructure may be used for advanced training applicable to nuclear medicine and fuel cell research.

High-resolution mass spectrometer

  • $200,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to purchase a state of the art mass spectrometer to enable development of a revolutionary and universal technology for the discovery of new bioactive compounds eg: anti-cancer or antibiotic activities.

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