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BC Knowledge Development Fund-supported projects at UVic

Surface-based L-band scatterometer for measurement of sea ice

  • $170,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to develop new ways of using satellite data to create Arctic sea ice information products. This will focus on  mapping the sea ice type and melting state during the commercially active summer season. Knowledge and talent gained from this project will benefit B.C.’s strong mapping technology sector.

Designing and evaluating next generation tools for software engineering

  • $80,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to design the next generation of tools to improve how software developers learn new technologies more quickly and collaborate with one another. Research will have a long-term impact on research and industry programs, helping to train future software engineers while improving technology development in B.C.

Novel applications of kilovoltage photon beams for imaging and therapy

  • $204,779 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to build a unique tabletop x-ray system that will allow advanced x-ray imaging studies with the goal of developing new imaging agents for improved cancer diagnosis.

Rehabilitation and performance neuromechanics laboratory

  • $150,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to improve the use of fall prevention technologies for the elderly and to develop new wearable technology such as pressure-sensing insoles to enhance performance indicators and injury prevention for athletes. This will assist B.C. and Canada to develop world-class athletes while supporting commercialization of training tools for the sport industry.

Facility for innovative materials and infrastructure monitoring

  • $120,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This proposal is aimed at the creation of cement-based smart composite materials with ‘self-sealing’ properties for the benefit of B.C.’s infrastructure. New techniques using non-contact laser scanning technology will be developed and applied to infrastructure such as bridges to predict their safe remaining life.

Probing and repairing retinal circuit with novel optical tools

  • $100,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • Funding will be used to purchase equipment used to develop new cures for vision loss associated with neurogenerative disorders of the retina.