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BC Knowledge Development Fund-supported research projects at UVic

The following research projects will advance technologies in medicine, construction, and data infrastructure.

1. Equipment for TRIUMF’s Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory

  • $8.7 million BCKDF contribution.
  • ARIEL will support world-class research in particle and nuclear physics, and materials science. Real life applications include the production of medical isotopes, which are safe radioactive substances used to diagnose and treat illnesses such as cancers, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

2. Cloud computing systems

  • $824,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This funding will develop a unique infrastructure that links very large research data samples with cloud computing resources. The research will train highly qualified personnel in the area of information technology, helping B.C. to become a leader in big data, cloud computing and high speed networks.

3. Manufacturing advanced materials

  • $86,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • B.C.’s manufacturing sector is increasingly making use of advanced composite materials to produce lighter and more sustainable products. At the Advanced Materials Research Lab, research will aim to ehance the productivity of the manufacturing industry as it replaces traditional metals with advanced composites. In particular, manufacturers from the aerospace, marine, wind power, and forest industries will benefit from the technologies developed in this research.

4. Engineering laboratory

  • $98,000 contribution.
  • This research will develop state-of-the-art technologies to make bioengineered tissues and smart drug delivery systems. These materials will advance the treatment of certain cancers, diabetic wounds, and neurological disorders. The research will provide the medical science and pharmaceutical sectors with the specialized expertise required to adapt their technologies.

5. Gold nanoparticle radiation therapy

  • $130,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This research will aim to develop innovative nanotechnologies to overcome existing challenges in current cancer therapies. Gold nanoparticles will enhance local radiation doses and control delivery of anti-cancer drugs. These technologies will improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

6. Energy efficient and sustainable technologies

  • $100,000 BCKDF contribution.
  • This research will focus on identifying, assessing, and developing energy efficient and sustainable technologies for construction. It will develop high-performance thermal insulation materials that will help the construction industry meet energy efficiency goals.