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Pedestrian Safety Tips


  • Ensure you are visible to motorists, especially after dark and in poor weather. Wear light or bright clothing, carry a flashlight, attach reflective material or a camel light to your clothing or pack.
  • Pay attention when crossing the road. Don’t text and walk. Make eye contact with drivers before stepping out.
  • Where possible, cross at a crosswalk or, even better, where there are traffic lights. Jaywalking is a major contributing factor to collisions as motorists are not expecting a pedestrian to be crossing suddenly mid-block.
  • Obey traffic signals for pedestrians. Don’t try to rush across on a yellow light.
  • Be especially cautious if you know yourself to be impaired by alcohol or drugs.


  • Keep a careful watch out for pedestrians, especially when turning left or right at an intersection.
  • Never pass another motor vehicle which is stopped at a crosswalk as it is likely to be waiting for a pedestrian to cross.
  • Be patient with those who may need a little more time to cross, such as those using walkers or crutches.
  • Avoid all use of cell phones and other devices, hand held or not, in areas where pedestrian traffic is likely.
  • Watch especially carefully near transit stops, as this is a place where pedestrians are likely to jay walk or go against a traffic light in order to catch their bus.