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Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition award winners

Following are the winners of the Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition:

John T Ryan National Mine Safety Award: New Gold Inc - New Afton Mine (regional winner for BC Yukon metal mines division)

Chief inspectors Award (Team): Orca Sand and Gravel

Chief inspectors Award (Individual): Kelly Miller

Underground Mine Rescue:

Best Bench Technician Trophy: Dave Heathfield – Sullivan Mine
USWA Mine Mill Trophy (Best Underground Coordinator): Travis Murphy, Bruce Jack
Richard Booth Award (Best written score for Underground Team): New Afton
Sullivan Cup (Best First Aid by Underground Team): New Afton
Barry Abbott Memorial Trophy (Best Underground Practical Skills): New Afton
Best Performance in Underground Smoke: New Afton
Keith Bracewell Memorial Award (Best Obstacle and Recovery): Silvertip
Levitt Safety Fire Trophy (Underground): Bruce Jack
Overall Underground winner: New Afton

Three Person Miners’ First Aid:

Three Person First Aid (Best three-person team): Line Creek
Kathy Lofstrom Memorial Trophy (Best three-person coach): Sandy Duncan - Line Creek

Open Pit Mine Rescue:

Ron Brown Memorial (Best Extrication for Surface Team): Gibraltar
Maurice Boisse Memorial Trophy (Best Practical Bench Skills): Highland Valley Copper
Levitt Fire Trophy: Highland Valley Copper
East Kootenay Mines Industrial Safety Association Trophy (Best Written): Line Creek
North South Central First Aid Trophy (Best First Aid): Highland Valley Copper
EKMISA Best Surface Rope Task Sponsored by TNT Work and Rescue – Highland Valley Copper
HVC Highest non-aggregate points: Highland Valley Copper
Overall surface mine rescue winner (Highest aggregate Best Overall): Highland Valley Copper