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Labour Relations Code review

On Feb. 6, 2018, Harry Bains, Minister of Labour, appointed the three-member Labour Relations Code review panel.

The independent panel was chaired by Michael Fleming, a mediator/arbitrator and former associate chair of the BC Labour Relations Board. Two labour lawyers and employment lawyers rounded out the panel, with Sandra Banister representing union interests and Barry Dong sitting on behalf of employer interests.

From Feb. 19, 2018, to Aug. 31, 2018, the panel conducted research, received written submissions, and held public hearings throughout the province. The panel considered input from labour organizations, businesses, industry stakeholders, individual citizens and legal professionals. The panel received 108 written submissions and replies, 94 emails and 83 oral presentations at 10 regional meetings held in nine locations throughout the province.

The Labour Relations Code establishes the relationships between labour and management – how workers join unions, how employers and unions interact, and how collective bargaining disputes are resolved. Updating the Labour Relations Code is a government priority, making sure government’s policies and legislation reflect how people are working in today’s economy.

The panel’s report and information about the Labour Relations Code review process can be found online, including all of the written submissions made to the panel: