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Physician Master Agreement financial terms

The financial terms of the agreement provide a total incremental cost increase of $331 million by the end of the third year (2021), which includes:

  • $61.4 million to cover the annual general increase of .5% for physician service fees and alternative payment program rates;
  • $63.6 million to support full-service family practices, primary care reform and other collaborative efforts. This includes:
    • $56.1 million in new funding going to the General Practice Services Committee to support full-service family practices and to facilitate primary-care networks.
    • $5.7 million going to the Specialist Services Committee, which supports the ongoing improvement of specialist services in B.C. through projects like the development of multidisciplinary clinics and identifying and filling gaps in various areas of specialty care.
    • $1.8 million going to the Shared Care Committee (SCC), which works to improve patient outcomes by bridging patient transitions from primary care to specialty care. The SCC focuses on collaboration between doctors and patients to address barriers to care, fostering patient self-management, and reducing unnecessary burdens on patients and their families.
  • $104.3 million for additional compensation increases including increases for rural programs and after-hours services;
  • $66 million for physician benefit enhancements, including the Contributory Professional Retirement Savings Plan and the Physician Health Program; and
  • $35.7 million to cover increasing physician business costs.

The Physician Master Agreement covers approximately 12,000 doctors in the province and is in effect from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2022.