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What people are saying about MRIs

Danita Braun, MRI recipient, Northern Health –

“I got a call from the MRI booking office and they told me that they wanted me in the next day, in the evening, and I was dumbfounded because I was expecting it to be a six-week wait for this appointment. The icing on the cake for that was that the results of my (MRI) tests resulted in a whole different direction for my treatment, and it was able to happen quickly – the change of direction – and that was happy, happy, happy news for me!”

Kyra Janot, MRI recipient, Vancouver Coastal –

“Being able to get an MRI within two weeks helped me physically and mentally. It gave me the peace of mind, not having to wait and worry.”

Deborah M., MRI recipient, Island Health –

“I was really pleased to see this (MRI) machine go 24/7. People are really pleased to get their results sooner. I got my MRI quickly and I got my results quickly. That really helped with my physiotherapy. My physiotherapist was able to pinpoint exercises for me to do and the things I should avoid doing. It’s been really helpful.”