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Policy changes made during COVID-19

Additional policy changes already made to support the hospitality sector during COVID-19:

  • Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch:
    • Authorized liquor primary and food primary establishments to sell packaged liquor for off-site consumption with the order of a meal.
    • Authorized BC liquor manufacturers to use their licensed facility to produce sanitizer and hand sanitizer.
    • Extended the allowable hours of operation of retail liquor stores to allow an earlier opening to coincide with early grocery store hours reserved for elderly and more vulnerable customers.
    • Introduced expedited approval for expansion of the service areas, such as patios, of a licensed establishment.
  • Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB):
    • Introduced a process to enable licensed establishments closed due to COVID-19 to sell their liquor inventory to another licensed establishment or to a licensed liquor retail store.
    • Amended LDB’s current wholesale price change policy to allow liquor suppliers to request greater price reductions, in order to support suppliers’ efforts to sell slow moving products and generate better cash flow.