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PPE update – Monday, Sept. 28, 2020

To recap B.C.’s cumulative totals, from March 2020 to last week’s report on Monday, Sept. 21, the following personal protective equipment (PPE) has arrived in B.C.:

  • almost 6,800,000 N95 or equivalent respirators;
  • almost 56,000,000 surgical or procedure masks;
  • just over 2,600,000 pieces of eye protection, including goggles and face shields;
  • almost 122,000,000 pairs of gloves; and
  • just over 9,500,000 gowns.

Over the last week (since the update last week on Monday, Sept. 21 up until yesterday), the following PPE has arrived in B.C.:

  • 48,647 N95 or equivalent respirators;
  • 3,569,050 surgical or procedure masks;
  • 36,450 pieces of eye protection;
  • 13,937,100 pairs of gloves; and
  • 181,050 gowns.

Many of the items listed above, and other supplies and equipment that have recently arrived, are in the testing process to make sure products meet or exceed safety requirements before being used in B.C.’s health-care system. B.C. continues to source and test PPE and is working to pursue any and all credible leads for safe and effective products for the health system.