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Youth from care to get new system of supports

The Ministry of Children and Family Development has a mandate to support youth until age 19. This means substantive changes to the Child, Family and Community Service Act are needed, along with new investments, to build a comprehensive suite of supports for young people moving into adulthood.

Under Budget 2022, the Ministry of Children and Family Development is creating a co-ordinated suite of services and benefits to support young adults from care.

The new system will be developed and implemented during the next three years, beginning immediately with an ongoing extension to temporary housing supports to allow young people to continue to stay in their home past the age of 19 and until their 21st birthday.

When fully implemented, the new supports will be available to up to 10,000 eligible youth and young adults per year.

Over the next three years, this new system will:

  • provide the ministry with a mandate to provide supports up to a young person’s 27th birthday — extending the ministry’s mandate beyond the current limit of age 19;
  • enhance and transform what is known as the Agreements with Young Adults program by:
    • creating a no-limit earnings exemption that allows young adults to earn income on top of financial supplements;
    • expanding eligibility so that all young people who have had at least 24 months in care between the ages of 12 and 19 can access support;
    • maintaining flexible life skills and cultural programming options; 
    • expanding dental and medical benefits, including access to counselling;
  • introduce new transition workers within the ministry and in Delegated Aboriginal Agencies to support early and ongoing transition planning, beginning at age 14, and help young people from care to navigate the new and existing government services until their 25th birthday;
  • provide housing options by maintaining the current COVID-19 temporary emergency housing measures up to a young adult’s 21st birthday, allowing young adults to stay where they are living or transition to independence when they are ready. No age cap has been placed on these measures to provide stability to young adults through the COVID-19 public health emergency;
  • provide young adults with rent supplements up to $600 per month on top of other income supports to help them secure safe, stable housing;
  • provide young people from care with one year of financial support ($1,250 per month) until their 20th birthday, regardless of whether they are participating in programs; and
  • continued support beyond that first year will be available for those who are participating in eligible programming until their 27th birthday, for a total of 84 months.