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What people are saying about Providence Health Care and Bill 47

Harry Bains, Minister of Labour –

“Bringing these workers back into the public system recognizes their value and shows that our government appreciates the vital work they do every day. Providence Health and the patients in care there are all the better for it, too.”

George Heyman, MLA for Vancouver-Fairview –

“By providing our health-care services workers with the wages and working conditions they deserve, we are strengthening not only our health-care system, but also our communities. I am proud of the ongoing progress made under Bill 47 and look forward to welcoming more workers back to the public service.”

Melanie Mark, MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

“Health services workers play a vital role in our hospitals and care homes. Their commitment to keeping the spaces clean and comfortable is conducive to the wellness and recovery of the patients and residents in these facilities. By welcoming more than 300 housekeeping workers back into Providence Health Care, we’re showing each and every one of them how valued they are.”

Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End

“Bill 47 represents a reckoning with how health-care service workers were treated in the past and how they must be treated in the future. These vital health-care employees deserve fair wages and good working conditions so they can continue to provide patients and families with the high-quality health-care experiences they too deserve.”

George Chow, MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview –

“I am so pleased that housekeeping workers at the Holy Family Hospital are welcomed back into Providence Health Care as employees. They are undoubtedly valuable members of the health-care team there. They deserve no less than having job security, good working conditions and fair wages. Thank you, Providence Health!”

Fiona Dalton, president and CEO, Providence Health Care (PHC) –

“Providence Health Care values the close partnerships that we have built over the years with our housekeeping staff, and we are pleased to welcome workers and services back into Providence. Housekeeping workers are critical to the running of our facilities, and are fundamental in improving the health, safety and wellness of everyone within our walls – the patients, residents and families who we serve, and those who work here. On behalf of everyone at Providence, we thank housekeeping staff for their dedication to this essential and life-saving work of keeping the hospitals, care homes, clinics and hospice within PHC clean.”

Meena Brisard, secretary-business manager, Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU) –

“HEU members are proud to welcome housekeeping workers back into the health-care team. By bringing these vital jobs back into the public service, the government is reversing nearly two decades of privatization that fragmented our health-care system and devastated the lives of thousands of workers, most of whom are women or racialized workers. Reuniting them with the health-care team recognizes their essential work and improves their lives by providing better wages, benefits and working conditions, leading to less turnover and an improved public health-care system for all of us.”

Patrick Bergman, housekeeping aide, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital –

“It really helps me a lot. Thank you for your service.”

Nathapriya Thayaal, housekeeping aide, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital –

“I am happy to join with Providence Health Care. I hope I will get a better shift … and also glad about our benefits, too. Thank you.”

Media Contacts

Ministry of Health

250 952-1887