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What people are saying about the Sooke Region CHC/UPCC

Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions –

“People need access to high-quality mental health and addiction care close to home. With the opening of the new blended community health centre, and urgent and primary care centre, more people in Sooke and the surrounding area will now be able to connect to the local mental-health-and-addiction supports they need and deserve.” 

Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health –

“We are delighted that the first-ever community health centre/urgent- and primary-care centre in the Island Health region will be owned and operated by the Sooke Region Communities Health Network. The Sooke CHC/UPCC will increase access to same-day, team-based primary care to residents of the Sooke region.”

Mary Dunn, president, Sooke Region Communities Health Network –

“For many years, we have been collaborating with the District of Sooke, the South Island Division of Family Practice, the West Coast Family Medical Clinic and other local organizations to establish a community health centre in Sooke. We are excited to have the opportunity to expand community health services for everyone in the Sooke region.” 

Dr. Anton Rabien, West Coast Family Medical Clinic –

“Approval of the proposed community health centre/urgent primary care centre is fantastic news for Sooke! The proposed health centre will undoubtedly increase access to primary-care services for people living in Sooke and the surrounding communities. A big thanks to Mayor Maja Tait for initiating discussions between the District of Sooke, Island Health, the Sooke Region Communities Health Network, and the Sooke family physicians that ultimately led to the development of this proposal; to the volunteers of the Sooke Region Communities Health Network who did all the hard work in drafting the proposal; and to the Honourable John Horgan, who was willing to listen to our concerns and advocate on our behalf for improving the delivery of primary health services in Sooke.”

Dr. Randal Mason, board co-chair, South Island Division of Family Practice

“The Sooke Region CHC/UPCC is a great example of advocacy and collaboration between government and community organizations. The unique nature of a blended CHC/UPCC will provide access to urgent medical services, while focusing on longitudinal needs of individuals and the broader community. Community governance will allow the people of Sooke to develop, deliver and adapt services that reflect the needs of the community. The Sooke region CHC/UPCC will be a much-needed resource within our broader Western Communities Primary Care Network. The South Island Division of Family Practice is grateful for the opportunity to provide support and input in planning and development of the centre.”

Maja Tait, mayor of Sooke –

“Today’s announcement is a culmination of the work of many people who remained steadfast to ensure the residents of Sooke have access to the health-care services they deserve. Thank you to all project partners, including the Province of British Columbia, Island Health, the Sooke Region Community Health Network, the Primary Health Care Service Working Group, and the doctors and care providers of the West Coast Family Medical Clinic, who, through collaboration and innovation, are working together to ensure our residents have access to medical services closer to home.”  

Rose Dumont, administrative health co-ordinator, T’Sou-ke First Nation –

“Building a new health-care facility such as the Sooke CHC/UPCC is more than just bricks and mortar. It's an opportunity to forge new relationships with us as First Nations neighbours through collaboration, mutual respect and enhanced services. By working together, we all can create a welcoming, culturally sensitive environment that promotes healing, wellness, and improved health outcomes for all members of our community.”

Alix Arndt, interim CEO, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of B.C. 

“Nurses and nurse practitioners of B.C. are pleased to see that the knowledge, skills and expertise of the entire health-care team will be utilized to improve access to health care for all British Columbians through urgent- and primary-care clinics. We believe that this approach will be pivotal in ensuring B.C. families can access health-care services, and we are excited to see the opening of another urgent- and primary-care clinic in B.C.”