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Facts about standardized housing design project

The Province is launching its Standardized Housing Design project in two phases.

First, the Province will engage a consultant team to provide expert advice on the development of standardized designs for small-scale, multi-unit dwellings and accessory dwelling units.

Second, the Province will select a designer to create as many as 10 designs based on the design parameters determined by the consultant team.

Key points related to the overall project:

  • Objectives
    • To make it easier for local governments and faster for builders to construct small-scale multi-unit dwellings (SSMUDs) and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
    • To lower the initial design costs and building costs for SSMUDs and ADUs for homeowners and small-scale builders.
    • To provide a catalogue of quality BC Building Code-compliant building designs.
    • To improve livability of unit layouts.
  • Phase 1 – Consultant Output
    • Effective stakeholder engagement with local governments and industry experts to determine the design parameters that take into account various site configurations and conditions, design layouts and unit sizes.
    • Support in drafting the designer procurement materials to ensure accurate guidelines in the request for proposals and provide ministry support in evaluating proposals received and in the selection of a qualified designer.
    • Provide subject matter expertise in evaluating draft and completed designs delivered under the design contract with the selected designer.
  • Phase 2 – Designer Output
    • SSMUDs
      • Six designs for multi-unit infill projects with as many as four units on a lot that are buildable and marketable with a focus on affordability.
      • Designs are to target urban and suburban lots where the greatest uptake would be expected.
      • Designs must account for varying lot configurations, such as laneway access, interior lots and corner lots.
    • ADUs
      • Four distinct designs for detached accessory dwelling units.
  • Timeline
    • Project launch: December 2023
    • Procurement of designer: spring 2024
    • Final designs available to local governments: summer 2024