Protecting BC fruit and wine from climate change (

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What people are saying about the new funding

Barinder Thiara, owner, Valley Fruit Farms, recipient of funding from Perennial Crop Renewal Program –

“Thanks to the crop-renewal program, we managed to get rid of diseased plants on our farm, making it healthy and productive. This program has truly been a game-changer for us and we're grateful for the support in bringing our entire farm back to its best.”

Sue de Charmoy, president and Naramata viticulturist, BC Grape Growers Association –

“This announcement makes grape growers feel that their voices have been heard as they battle on the front lines of climate change. Farmers have been struggling with heat events, cold events and fire events over the last few years and face an extremely tough season ahead with the prospect of no income but the responsibility of maintaining or replanting their vineyards. We look forward to working together with government to implement strategies that will help us not only produce high-quality grapes for wine, but also maintain the jobs for those who work in and support our industry and the wider economy of the southern Interior.”

Peter Simonsen, president, BC Fruit Growers’ Association –

“This investment is an essential piece of the puzzle that will help our growers adapt their orchards to plant more efficient and productive orchards that can weather the storms of climate change. We appreciate minister Alexis’s attention and we are encouraged by her commitment to a strong future for the B.C. tree fruit sector. We are committed to continuing to work together with our government to get the rest of the puzzle pieces in place so that B.C. farmers can make a living while feeding our citizens the healthy and sustainable fruit that B.C. is famous for.”

Sukhpaul Bal, farmer and president, BC Cherry Association –

“B.C. cherries are the best in the world and this funding is a significant step toward making sure our hard-working growers can continue to provide the best cherries to British Columbians and the world. Replant funds are an excellent long-term strategy to support a strong fruit sector. Extreme weather has made fruit farming very difficult and we look forward to continuing to engage with our government on the short-term support required.”

Jack DeWit, chair, board of directors, Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF) –

“As a trusted partner, IAF is looking forward to working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and industry stakeholders to apply lessons learned in 2023-24 to adapt the programs to best suit the sector’s needs. Following the high demand of the Perennial Crop Renewal Program, we successfully approved 208 projects to help perennial-crop growers and sector renewal.”