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2024 project list for BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative

The BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI) provides funding to eligible clean-energy projects through three funding streams. 

1. Pre-construction, pre-commercial operating date (two projects)

  • Kwiḵwa̱sut’inux̱w Haxwa’mis First Nation (KHFN)
    • $500,000 toward the installation of a solar-PV system and a 550-kWh battery energy storage system on the Echo Bay Marina and Lodge to replace two diesel generators.
  • Taku River Tlingit First Nation
    • $500,000 toward a storage battery for the existing hydro facility.​

2. Feasibility and site selection, environmental review and permitting, project design and engineering (10 projects)

  • Daylu Dena Council
    • $300,000 toward a feasibility study for a proposed geothermal energy project with the goal of displacing the region’s diesel dependency.
  • Kitsumkalum First Nation
    • $300,000 toward a feasibility study for a 15-megawatt wind project. The study will involve a survey of sites and technologies that can serve the project.
  • Metlakatla First Nation
    • $300,000 toward feasibility studies for a wind project.
  • Musqueam Indian Band
    • $300,000 toward the continuation of feasibility work on a low-carbon district energy system aiming for net-zero operational carbon performance. Additional deliverables will include project design and engineering work for the system.
  • Pacheedaht First Nation
    • $265,080 toward the conceptual design and financial analysis report for a hydropower project. 
  • Seabird Island Band
    • $109,065 toward a feasibility and design assessment to evaluate the potential for solar energy generation for the Seabird Island Band elementary school and other facilities.
  • Toquaht Nation
    • $266,100 toward project design and engineering for a 13.5-megawatt cluster of two small hydroelectric prospects and associated transmission lines.
  • West Moberly First Nations
    • $299,404 toward project design and engineering to develop a geothermal facility to supply heat for a commercial scale greenhouse.
  • Yun Ka Whu'ten Forestry
    • $290,740 toward project design and engineering for the Anahim Lake Solar and Energy Storage Project.
  • Aq’am Community Enterprises
    • $162,000 toward project design and engineering for a 15 MWc solar-PV project.​

3. Small-scale installation (non-utility scale), demand-side management (23 projects)

  • Kwadacha Nation
    • $214,500 toward home-energy assessments of 42 homes in the community.
  • Kwakiutl First Nation
    • $300,000 toward a heat pump retrofit project that will replace traditional heating systems with air-source heat pumps for approximately 40 homes.
  • Kwiakah First Nation
    • $235,665 toward a rooftop solar-PV system on a redeveloped former fish farm that was 100% diesel dependent.
  • Lax Kwa'alaams
    • $295,000 toward the installation of a residential rooftop solar-PV system on approximately 25 homes in the community.
  • Malahat Nation
    • $276,227 toward installation of a complete HVAC system as well as energy efficiency upgrades and a solar-PV system.
  • Moytelexw (Sts’ailes Development Corporation)
    • $258,200 toward the installation a rooftop solar-PV system for the Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge as part of a new solar-heating system and an upgrade of hydro plant equipment.
  • Namgis First Nation
    • $300,000 toward the installation of heat pumps in 52 homes bringing the multi-phase project total to 115 homes.
  • Peters First Nation
    • $290,000 toward hybrid solar-PV and battery electricity storage systems on five residential carports.
  •  Quatsino First Nation
    • $300,000 toward a 100kW solar-PV system and 13kWh battery storage system for the First Nation’s community hall. 
  • Sik-E-Dakh Band (Glen Vowell)
    • $300,000 toward air-source heat-pump installations in 70 homes in the community meaning that all 75 homes in the community have a heat pump.
  • Snuneymuxw First Nation
    • $300,000 toward four new heat pumps installed in the First Nation’s administrative building.
  • Squiala First Nation
    • $295,000 toward 33 homes receiving rooftop solar-PV systems.
  • Tl'etinqox Government
    • $295,000 toward at least 25 homes receiving rooftop solar-PV systems.
  • T'Sou-ke First Nation
    • $285,000 toward a 25kW solar-PV and 100kWh battery energy storage unit on industrial greenhouses and a marine services/manufacturing facility.
  • Tseshaht First Nation
    • $239,940 toward air-source heat pump installations and other energy upgrades in 14 elders’ homes.
  • Yinka Dene Economic Development Corporation
    • $300,000 toward a rooftop solar-PV system on 10 elders’ homes.