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What to know about the project
  • The Province, through BC Housing, provided approximately $3.9 million for the project from the HEARTH program and will provide $2.7 million in annual operating funding.
  • The City of Kelowna owns the land and is leasing it to the Province for a nominal fee.
  • The Province and City of Kelowna signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in August 2023 that formalized their commitment to work together to better support people who are unhoused or sheltering in encampments through the HEART and HEARTH programs.
  • The HEART program brings together provincial and local governments, Indigenous partners, health-care agencies and non-profit organizations to quickly assess the needs of people sheltering in encampments and provide rapid access to the supports and services they need to find a home.
  • The HEARTH program enables the rapid development of new shelter and housing options to bring people indoors.
  • Belonging in BC is delivered through initiatives across government and supported by investments of nearly $1.2 billion in Budget 2023 and $633 million in Budget 2022.