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What to know about HEART and HEARTH programs
  • The HEART and HEARTH programs are part of the Belonging in BC homelessness plan to prevent and reduce homelessness.
  • The HEARTH program will provide funding for rapid development of emergency housing and shelter options to quickly assist people sheltering outdoors.
  • Leveraging local resources, the HEART program will bring together the provincial and local governments, Indigenous partners, health-care agencies and non-profit organizations to quickly assess the needs of people sheltering in encampments and provide rapid access to the supports and services they need to find a home.
  • The Province, through BC Housing, provided approximately $400,000 to purchase the former Tiny Town structures and will provide about $1.4 million in operating funding to Caledonia Place through the HEARTH funding program.
  • Through the MOU, the city commits to bring forward available land and expedite land-use decisions for new shelter and supportive-housing projects.
  • Victoria joins other municipalities, such as Prince George, Kelowna, Abbotsford and Nanaimo, in partnering with the Province and BC Housing to implement HEART and HEARTH programs.
  • The Province, through BC Housing, is providing approximately $431,000 in operating funding to St. John the Divine Church temporary winter shelter through the Emergency Shelter Program.
  • There are currently 380 overnight shelter spaces, including an extreme-weather response (EWR) shelter, in Greater Victoria. With the exception of 30 EWR beds at the Salvation Army Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre, located at 525 Johnson St. and opens only when an extreme-weather alert is issued, the remainder are permanent or winter shelters that are open every night.