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Music BC funding

Funding allocated to Music BC will be used to support:

Training and Professional Development:

  • Music BC will expand its “How-To Series” of workshops/panels educating artists and industry professionals in all aspects of the music industry.
  • Events will feature local and international industry professionals speaking on a wide variety of topics, and encourage networking, mentorship, and community building.
  • Online resources will be developed and accessible to those working in the music industry across the Province and several events will be delivered in B.C.’s regional centres.
  • Through the PEAK Performance Project, Music BC built a successful artist development program that made significant impact on the careers of B.C. artists. Music BC will continue offering an annual artist boot camp with Creative BC’s support, serving a diverse group of artists covering multiple genres.
  • Music BC will also offer a new industry boot camp, to support the growth of record labels, managers, publishers, booking agents and other industry professionals.

Export, Showcasing & Touring Initiatives:

  • Music BC will expand its domestic and international export initiatives, and showcase B.C. artists at international festivals and industry events.
  • Music BC will research and explore new markets for export, including India, Southeast Asia, China and Mexico.
  • Music BC will provide additional tour support for bands performing in those export markets. This will strategically leverage the presence of BC artists at those events, build audiences in those countries and solidify relationships with venues, booking agents and other industry professionals in those areas.
  • Funding for Music BC’s music travel grant program (MITAP) will be increased, providing additional support for touring bands and business travel.
  • Music BC will expand its inbound trade initiatives, encouraging international industry representatives to build relationships with B.C. artists and professionals. Seven inbound trade initiatives will include artist showcases, networking opportunities and business-to-business meetings. Events will expose international guests to our local industry, and create export opportunities for artists and companies unable to travel to international markets.
  • Music BC will partner with out-of-province and U.S. festivals to create B.C.-branded stages, developing audiences for B.C. artists in other markets.
Sound Recording Program

This program supports sound recording projects at B.C.-based studios, and is designed to attract domestic and international business to BC recording facilities.

Applicant Eligibility:

  • Music companies commercially releasing sound recordings, such as record labels or artist entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for this program.
  • Applicants must be incorporated companies or B.C. registered businesses with primary business activities in the music industry.
  • Applications for the Sound Recording Program will be accepted by Creative BC as of Dec. 1, 2016, and on a first come, first served basis until funds have been allocated.

Eligible Recording Studios:

  • Under this program, recording facilities no longer need to be incorporated, but may also be B.C. registered businesses. The B.C. residency ownership requirement has been removed from the eligibility criteria, and replaced with the condition that all recording facilities submit an annual B.C. tax return.

Guidelines and application forms are available at:

Media Contacts

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour

250 387-2799

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