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2018 age-friendly community planning and project grant recipients


Project: Centennial park fitness circuit

Amount: $15,000

Details: With a growing aging population, the District of Kent recognizes the importance of keeping seniors physically active and engaged in their communities. The fitness-circuit project is an opportunity to create an age-friendly, low-barrier physical activity venue, which helps seniors enhance their health and well-being and increase their social interaction.


Project: Age-friendly strategy implementation projects

Amount: $15,000

Details: The township has two age-friendly projects in development: an age-friendly business-recognition pilot program, including dementia-friendly training for local businesses; and the development and delivery of social programs at community gardens throughout the township, including the installation of new garden plots in Yorkson Community park. The project builds on the Township of Langley’s 2015 recognition as an age-friendly community.

Maple Ridge

Project: On the Move: seniors transportation initiative

Amount: $15,000

Details: Focusing on increasing community accessibility and improving social participation for older adults, this project will combine research on designing an effective transportation system, training for volunteer drivers and promotion of the initiative to relevant community organizations. It will create a plan for a community bus co-operative that engages seniors and will help provide them with recreation and healthy living activities. The project builds on Maple Ridge’s 2016 recognition as an age-friendly community.


Project: Mobile Community Care for Seniors

Amount: $14,919

The Mobile Community Care for Seniors will provide basic support resources to the aging population, who are unhoused or unsettled due to various circumstances. The goals of the Mobile Community Care for Seniors are to support seniors in finding a home, ensure they have access to basic needs, and that they remain engaged and independent in their community. This project builds on Surrey’s 2012 recognition as an age-friendly community, and supports the City of Surrey age friendly strategy framework.