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List of potential projects for the second round

The B.C. public service has identified the following challenge areas, and is willing to dedicate time, energy, and funding to create solutions.

The individual calls for proposals are posted on BC Bid in accordance with the Province's procurement policies. Proposals are due by July 25, 2018.

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology
Department of Economic Development

The Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology is looking for a way to allow its users to find up-to-date, comprehensive, and appropriate economic development funding options based on their specific and unique needs. To do this, a solution would likely require the ability to automatically index and tag content related to grants and funding, so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Environmental Assessment Office

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) is looking for a way to allow users, such as EAO staff, decision makers, Indigenous nations, working group members and project proponents, to quickly and accurately identify topics mentioned in comments received by the public. The solution should also allow users to visualize these topics in a way that provides them with information that will support the environmental assessment process.

Ministry of Attorney General
Court Services Branch

The Ministry of Attorney General’s Court Services Branch is looking to transform and modernize court administrative services by moving its paper-based court interpreter scheduling and payment processes online. The solution will incorporate the existing directory of court interpreters and enable interpreter clerks throughout the province to schedule and pay interpreters through an integrated online system.

B.C. Public Service Agency
Provincial Employees Community Services Fund

The B.C. Public Service Agency is looking for a way to support the changing needs of public servants who wish to donate to charitable causes and events close to their hearts, through payroll deductions and other methods. It needs a modern, online tool, and a way for finance and payroll staff to facilitate the donation process which will help support employees to give to registered charities. The practice of charitable donations made through payroll deductions is part of the B.C. public service's offerings to employees.

Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Deputy Minister’s Office

The Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation (MIRR) is looking for ways to streamline its analysis of Crown land parcels under consideration for inclusion in negotiations throughout the province. The Province, First Nations and stakeholders have legal interests, rights, restrictions, and designations on Crown land, and MIRR negotiators need to have access to this information to allow them to determine whether selected land parcels should be included in negotiations with First Nations.