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Successful proponents of the B.C. Smart Communities pilot project and projects

The successful proponents of the B.C. Smart Communities pilot project and the projects are:

District of Logan Lake

The District of Logan Lake will develop a mobile app to give residents access to critical information in case of an emergency. The municipality identified a need for a better way to directly communicate to those affected by the 2017 wildfires. The proposed app will communicate safety messages about wildfires, natural gas leaks, electrical outages and other information about current events.

City of Port Alberni

The City of Port Alberni’s project will link potential volunteers with volunteer opportunities at participating local organizations through a new online volunteer engagement system on the city’s website. The project aims to improve community connectedness and volunteerism by allowing volunteer organizations to better schedule, manage, communicate and recruit volunteers. Online services will be provided by Canadian company Tandempark, which specializes in developing and implementing volunteer management solutions for non-profit organizations.

City of Prince Rupert

The City of Prince Rupert will develop an online engagement platform to reach residents during major projects requiring greater civic participation in local government decision-making. The new online platform will allow people to provide feedback on important municipal projects, such as official community plans, loans for key city infrastructure and annual city budgets, among others. The project proposal will collect qualitative data and polling results, which will inform decision-making, be aggregated and published online. The project aims to increase public access and engagement with local government and improve policy-making.

Municipalities of Castlegar, Nelson, Rossland and Trail

The municipalities of Castlegar, Nelson, Rossland and Trail submitted a joint-proposal to develop and test a mobility platform that will provide residents with information about road safety, closures, wait times, and natural disasters. The platform will help people make smart transportation decisions, resulting in safe and efficient travel that decreases accidents and reduces pollutants. B.C. tech company Martech Smart Solutions will build the mobility platform, which will bring multiple data sources together into a single application.