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Ministry of Health

250 952-1887 (media line)


Assisted-living, long-term care homes, seniors’ rental buildings with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks

Vancouver Coastal Health:

  • Haro Park Centre long-term care facility (second occurrence)
  • Lakeview Care Centre
  • Louis Brier Home & Hospital
  • Royal Arch Masonic Home long-term care facility (second occurrence)
  • Three Links Care Centre long-term care facility
  • Banfield Pavilion - 4th Floor West long-term care facility
  • Yaletown House long-term care facility

Fraser Health:

  • Agassiz Seniors Community
  • Amenida Seniors Community
  • Baillie House long-term care facility
  • Banfield Pavilion
  • Evergreen Baptist Care Society long-term care facility
  • Fair Haven Homes Burnaby Lodge
  • Fellburn Care Centre long-term care facility
  • Fort Langley Seniors Community long-term care facility
  • Good Samaritan Victoria Heights assisted-living facility
  • Laurel Place long-term care facility
  • Mayfair Terrace Retirement Residence
  • Peace Portal Seniors Village long-term care facility
  • PICS assisted-living facility (second occurrence)
  • Queen’s Park Care Centre
  • Rosemary Heights Seniors Village independent-, assisted- and long-term care facility
  • St. Michael’s Centre long-term care facility
  • Sunset Manor assisted-living facility
  • The Gateway assisted-living facility
  • The Village assisted-living and long-term care facility
Surgical renewal commitment: weekly update

From March 16 to May 17, 2020, non-urgent surgeries — surgeries that have a target wait time of greater than six weeks — were postponed as part of the initial COVID-19 pandemic response. Urgent and emergency surgeries continued to be performed during this period.

On May 7, health authorities began calling all patients waiting for surgery to confirm they were ready, willing and able to proceed with their surgery in a COVID-19 environment. To date, 104,628 patients have been contacted about their surgery.

Health authorities resumed non-urgent surgeries on May 18. They have completed 144,420 surgeries as of Oct. 25, of which 111,835 were urgent and non-urgent scheduled surgeries, and 32,585 were unscheduled or emergency surgeries.

Total surgeries completed by health authority since May 18:

  • 39,853 in Fraser Health;
  • 26,663 in Interior Health;
  • 8,402 in Northern Health;
  • 34,115 in Vancouver Coastal Health;
  • 29,489 in Island Health; and
  • 5,898 in the Provincial Health Services Authority.

Weekly total surgeries completed from Oct. 12 to 18:

Last week, health authorities reported 5,643 surgeries completed. Health authorities have verified their data and the total number of surgeries completed was 5,920.

Weekly total surgeries completed from Oct. 19 to 25:

This week, health authorities completed 6,925 surgeries.

Contact tracing hiring: weekly update

There are a significant number of contact-tracing job candidates. It is expected that these will be reflected in hiring numbers next week.

Across all health authority roles:

  • 304 candidates are in the interview stage
  • 78 candidates are in the offer process

There continues to be interest in the contact-tracing positions, primarily through health-authority mechanisms.

In total:

  • 7,953 individuals have expressed interest, with 2,105 individuals expressing interest to Health Match BC (HMBC) and 5,848 expressing interest directly to health authorities.
    • In the past week, 554 people have expressed interest.
  • HMBC has referred 1,330 individuals to regional health authorities and the Provincial Health Services Authority.
    • In the past week, 63 positions have been filled across all health authorities.
  • To date, there have been 523 total hires. This surpasses the initial contact-tracing target of 500, first announced in August 2020.