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What people are saying about team-based care

Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions –

“Embedding mental-health and addictions supports within the primary care network is vital to removing stigma and barriers to care. It’s encouraging that more people in the Oceanside region are connecting to the mental-health and addictions supports they need and deserve.”

Dr. Mark Morris, chair, Central Island Division of Family Practice –

“The Oceanside Primary Care Network is proud to be involved with the Flowerstone Family Health Clinic. This is a clinic with dedicated staff who will provide much-needed care for their patients in the Oceanside area. Every patient has a different set of needs. The team will eventually include nurse practitioners, physicians, Indigenous wellness advocates, nurses, mental-health and substance-use clinicians, social workers and pharmacists. With the wide variety of resources and staff within the Flowerstone Family Health Clinic, they have the opportunity to provide individualized comprehensive care.” 

Rosemary Graham, board chair, Flowerstone Family Health Clinic –

“It’s gratifying to see how well this collaborative effort has come together.  Flowerstone Health Society is looking forward to working with health care providers and our community to support Ministry’s vision of Primary Care Networks."

Liz Gilmour, clinic director, Flowerstone Family Health Clinic –

“I am proud to work alongside my nurse practitioner colleagues, Helen No, Crissy Stavrakov, Brittany Van Viegen and Kerry Stewart, in the opening of Flowerstone Family Health Clinic in Qualicum Beach. Our priority is to provide longitudinal primary care to the Oceanside residents who are without a primary care provider. As the primary care network develops, we look forward to building a team-based approach that will improve the overall health care of our patients and this community. We are very grateful to the Central Island Division of Family Practice and the Flowerstone Health Society for their dedication and support in the development of our mutual vision.”

Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health –

“Flowerstone Family Health Clinic is an important part of the network of care serving the people in the Oceanside region. The clinic will connect more people to an integrated team of health professionals to provide them with the timely, appropriate services they need, as well as the expertise that allows patients to participate as active partners in their care.”

Leona Nelson, patient, Flowerstone Family Health Clinic –

“The Flowerstone Family Health Clinic is a place of calm healing. I feel it as soon as I enter the premises, and I can tell by the smiles on the faces of patients and their health-care providers. It is refreshing to be cared for by staff who really listen and show legitimate concern. I am made to feel special. There isn't enough of that 'special' in the world. Thank you to the team who make Flowerstone such a blessing to have in our community.”

Flowerstone Family Health Clinic

The new clinic in Qualicum Beach is owned and operated by the Flowerstone Health Society, a non-governmental organization responsible for managing daily operations.

Services available include:

  • new client intake and screening visits
  • regular/followup visits with clients concerning:
    • new symptom or diagnosis;
    • chronic disease management, including diabetes, asthma and heart disease;
    • primary care during pregnancy/prenatal/postpartum care;
    • contraception advice and treatment options;
    • mental-health assessment/treatment/support;
    • Substance use and addiction treatment/support;
    • medication prescription refills;
    • screening, e.g., sexually transmitted infections, well child checks, cervical cancer/PAP smears);
    • treatments/procedures, e.g., intrauterine device insertion, cerumen (ear wax removal);
    • referrals to medical specialist and social services and completing forms;
    • support with systems navigation (health care and social systems) with a community health worker;
    • support with social determinants of health (finance, housing, education, etc.) with a social worker;
    • future outreach to local community partners; and
    • harm-reduction supplies.