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What people are saying about team-based care

Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health

“It’s exciting to see how our strong partnerships with local non-profits and Divisions of Family Practice are transforming existing services into community health centres. The Luther Court Community Health Centre will offer a person-centred approach to health-care delivery that provides patients with better access to comprehensive primary care, resulting in healthier outcomes for community residents located within the Victoria Primary Care Network.”

Dr. Tim Troughton, co-chair, Victoria Division of Family Practice –

“The Luther Court Community Health Centre is a great example of successful collaboration to meet patient needs and support ongoing primary care. Family physicians on a team with nurses, mental health consultants, social workers and others will be able to offer additional, patient-centred support. The Victoria Division of Family Practice is thankful for this much-needed resource within the community.”

Karen Johnson-Lefsrud, chief executive officer, Luther Court Society

“For many years, the Luther Court Society has dreamed of and worked towards expanding our campus of care to include primary health care services. We are delighted to participate in the Ministry of Health’s advancement of community health centres in British Columbia. This expansion allows us to provide valuable primary care services as part of a full-service community health centre. We are truly grateful for the support and encouragement of our partners, the Ministry of Health, Island Health, Victoria Division of Family Practice and the Victoria Primary Care Network in making this possible.”