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Primary care investments in Greater Victoria, south Island

B.C.'s investments in primary care in the Victoria and South Island region are significant.

To date, approximately $74 million in ongoing operational funding (at steady state), $33.8 million in capital and one-time operational and startup funding, and $5.4 million in change-management funding has been committed to support primary care initiatives within the Victoria and South Island Primary Care Networks (PCN). Specific investments include:

  • In Victoria and on the south Island, there are a total of six PCNs in implementation. Four Victoria PCNs are in their first year of implementation and two south Island PCNs are in their second year of implementation.
  • New resources are being added to support improved primary care services through approved four-year service plans for each PCN.
  • In addition to PCNs, additional resources are being added to improve access to primary care through a number of other initiatives, including:
    • five urgent and primary care centres (Westshore, James Bay, North Quadra, Downtown Victoria and Esquimalt) are open;
    • three community health centres are open or scheduled to open soon (Island Sexual Health, Westshore and Luther Court); and,
    • one nurse practitioner-led primary care clinic (Health Care on Yates) is now open.
  • Collectively, these initiatives are intended to support attachment of approximately 130,000 patients in the Greater Victoria area over the next several years.
  • Approximately 372 net new health-care provider full-time-equivalents and operational supports will be added through these initiatives.
  • Additionally, further capital and other investments will be made to support primary care improvement in Victoria and the South Island as plans are implemented.