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Information about mass timber, airport expansion project
  • Mass timber is engineered for strength by fastening together layers of smaller-dimension wood with glue, dowels or nails. 
  • This process can deliver as much as seven times the economic value when compared to milling logs for lumber.
  • Mass timber can match or exceed the structural performance of concrete and steel while reducing carbon emissions by as much as 45%.
  • Since the components of mass timber are custom manufactured, it can reduce waste and reduce the time it takes to put up a building.
  • Launched in April 2022, the Mass Timber Action Plan is designed to build demand for mass timber buildings.
  • In addition, boosting the sector’s skills training through trades programs at post-secondary institutions will help fill an anticipated 4,000 additional job openings in manufacturing, construction and design.
  • The complete Kelowna International Airport expansion project is expected to open to travellers in 2026.
  • The project will allow the airport to handle more weekly flights and increase passenger capacity, while simultaneously delivering an improved passenger experience with an expanded security area to minimize time spent in the security screening process.
  • Using mass timber for the airport expansion project will allow for ongoing flexibility and future reconfigurations by including spacious column-free zones within the terminal’s interior space.