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What First Nations leaders are saying about the 2022-23 annual report

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president, Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) –

“The work done to date in B.C. to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a testament to the strength in collaboration between the provincial government and First Nations. UBCIC recognizes that this approach, necessarily grounded in consultation, collaboration and free, prior and informed consent with respect to decision-making and governance, is a groundbreaking model due to the history of systemic racism and injustice in B.C. and beyond. Despite the work that still needs to be done, the annual report and redesigned Declaration Act website demonstrates a clear understanding of the progress being made by all parties involved.

Regional Chief Terry Teegee, British Columbia Assembly of First Nations –

“The collaboration between the B.C. government and First Nations to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a significant step toward reconciliation and the protection of First Nations’ inherent rights, title and interests. The Declaration Act Annual Report provides a clear overview of the progress made in this regard, demonstrating the commitment of both parties to work together in consultation and co-operation. While there is still much more work to be done, the progress made to date is a testament to the determination to address historical injustices and create a future of equality and empowerment for First Nations. This approach includes incorporating the principles of free, prior and informed consent into the decision-making processes. Through ongoing dialogue, consultation and collaboration, the B.C. government and industries are striving to build mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations, fostering a foundation of trust, respect and partnership in pursuit of sustainable and inclusive development that aligns with the values and aspirations of First Nations. This work is even more significant as it serves as a positive model for other jurisdictions to follow in their pursuit of implementing the UN Declaration and advancing reconciliation efforts.”

Cheryl Casimer, First Nations Summit Political Executive –

“The Declaration Act and the resulting action plan represent historic steps forward for the Government of B.C. in righting its relationship with First Nations and moving toward a modernized relationship based on human rights, co-operation and partnership. Accessible and transparent data are essential for First Nations title and rights holders to have fulsome engagement and participation in implementation. We are pleased that B.C. has created a new online evergreen platform for the ongoing reporting on progress, as it will assist in accountability and success going forward.”

New approach to annual reporting centres on user needs

While the 2022-23 Declaration Act Annual Report is the fourth annual report to detail the Province’s work to implement the UN Declaration in B.C. in consultation and co-operation with Indigenous Peoples, it is the first report to be featured in a redesigned website.

This year’s digital-first report is an innovative and fresh take on a typical PDF annual report, which can be challenging to view on mobile devices, not easily read by screen-readers, offers limited interactivity and can be overwhelming to read.

The redesigned Declaration Act website gives users access to the information they want in a way that suits their needs. The mobile-friendly website has many unique features and provides the option to navigate to topics or priorities of greatest interest.

The digital approach to the 2022-23 Declaration Act Annual Report is a reflection of partnership with Indigenous leaders, experts and artists, and is responsive to feedback from Indigenous leaders for reporting that is more accessible, accountable, transparent, co-operative and impactful.

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Declaration Act Action Plan:

UN Declaration:

Action plan progress: Year one highlights focus on Indigenous voices

The Declaration Act Action Plan, released on March 30, 2022, is a five-year, cross-government action plan that is guiding the Province’s work to implement the UN Declaration in B.C. The first of its kind in Canada, the plan includes 89 tangible, achievable actions in the areas of self-determination and self-government, rights and title, ending anti-Indigenous racism, and enhancing social, cultural and economic well-being.

Through the refreshed Declaration Act website, 32 of the 89 actions are reported in detail, showcasing the highlights, as well as the challenges being navigated during the first year, and the transformational work ahead to implement the plan. A new dashboard with meaningful icons provides a snapshot of the status of all 89 actions.

Indigenous Peoples from throughout B.C. are sharing their words, voices and experiences through the redesigned Declaration Act website:  

On the redesigned website, read about First Nations members coming together to restore clam gardens throughout the Nuu-chah-nulth territory and how a new housing project at Okanagan Indian Band is reconnecting its members to their culture, language and community.

Hear the voices of two Dakelh language revitalization experts and watch a video about the historic agreement that will transform how the Province and First Nations steward land, water and resources together in northeastern B.C.

Meaningful iconography guides transformative efforts

Feedback from Indigenous leaders articulated the need for a more collaborative and modernized approach to reporting about how the Province is working to implement the UN Declaration in B.C. in consultation and co-operation with Indigenous Peoples. Specifically, leaders are seeking accessible, interactive and systematic reporting about implementation progress that is available on the web on demand.

The icons used to show the status of Declaration Act Action Plan actions on the redesigned Declaration Act website were created by Sheldon Pierre Louis, who is a syilx (Okanagan) multi-disciplinary artist. The four icons each represent a specific stage of implementation and are colour-coded to show the current state of different actions.

Learn about the meaning behind the icons – the salmon (transformation), rock (complexity), medicine bundle (challenges) and weaving (engagement) – here:

View Sheldon Pierre Louis’ work here:

Explore the redesigned Declaration Act website: