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Facts about mass timber

Compared to milling logs for lumber, mass timber can deliver up to seven times the economic value, helping meet B.C.’s climate goals.

  • Large diameter trees are not needed to make mass timber.
  • Mass timber building components have a fire and seismic performance similar to concrete and steel.
  • More than 22 B.C. companies provide mass timber services and sustain more than 700 jobs;
    • 11 of these companies manufacture mass-timber products.
  • Approximately 320 mass-timber structures have been completed in B.C. at the end of 2022, with about 50 more under construction.
  • Industry modelling shows potential for up to 10 more mid-sized mass-timber facilities in B.C. by 2035 to meet demand in B.C. and across western North America, which would support thousands of direct and indirect jobs in manufacturing, technology, forestry, design and engineering.