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Facts about manufacturing in B.C.
  • B.C. manufacturing jobs pay well, with an average wage of $34.26 per hour (more than 10% higher than the national average manufacturing wage).
  • Some manufacturing industries in B.C. have average wages of more than $50 per hour, including aerospace, medical products, shipbuilding, machinery and wood products.
  • The Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) will work with the Province and school districts to ensure youth interested in the Youth in Manufacturing Initiative are made aware of the opportunities available to them.
    • The intake process is expected to begin in mid-June 2023 through EMC’s website.
    • Interested school districts can contact David Munro of EMC.
  • Through the Youth in Manufacturing Initiative, participants can explore as many as 40 diverse occupations and trades in fields such as welding, machining and robotics.
  • The program will be offered throughout the province beginning this fall.
  • The initiative is the first of its kind in British Columbia.
    • A similar program in Ontario, also delivered by EMC, indicated 97% of youth enjoyed their manufacturing work placements and skills acquired.
  • Jobs vacancies in the manufacturing industry are at an all-time high.
  • Forecasts predict that nearly 25% of the B.C. manufacturing workforce soon will be eligible to retire and thousands of new jobs will be created in the manufacturing industries.