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Moment Energy
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More about Moment Energy and YVR

Moment Energy and YVR are working together to deploy Moment Energy's Flora Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) constructed from repurposed electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

This initiative will yield a Level 3 DC Fast Charger designed to charge two EVs, representing a pilot to prove the BESS's ability to bolster EV-charging infrastructure.

The Energy Management System (EMS) is critical in managing the BESS charging and discharging. With the EMS, the BESS use is optimized to mitigate grid load during peak times, demonstrating the system's potential to support an expanded EV-charging infrastructure that may require more substantial power.

The YVR project serves as an essential testbed, simulating conditions where the Flora BESS would be used to provide additional power for more extensive charging operations. This phase aims to validate Moment Energy's Flora BESS's effectiveness and reliability in enhancing EV charging capabilities, and to commercialize the system following a successful demonstration guided by YVR's performance assessment.

Goals of the Integrated Marketplace

The Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation’s Crown corporation, Innovate BC, has been designated as the Integrated Marketplace delivery partner.

The goal of the YVR testbed is to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions to support its 2030 net-zero commitment through actions like electrifying support vehicles on the airfield and associated businesses.

The goals of the Prince Rupert Port Authority testbed are such as increasing competitiveness and efficiency, building resilient supply chains and decarbonizing operations.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority testbed will initially focus on developing digital tools that integrate into existing physical infrastructure to expand capacity and reliability of trade, while lowering energy and emissions.

Integrated Marketplace’s testbeds are in alignment with federal and provincial priorities (StrongerBC objectives and goals) and are seeking solutions to improve operational efficiency and transportation-related environmental impacts within their operations.

Initial success for the Integrated Marketplace will be measured through its ability to:

  • minimize risk to innovative, made-in-B.C. solutions to industry problems;
  • support projects that reduce greenhouse gases, increase safety and increase productivity; and
  • kick-start, scale and export innovation, by identifying first customers and offering proof of concept.

Learnings from this initial round of testbed pilots will guide future expansion of the Integrated Marketplace over its three years of funding.